Monday, March 21, 2011

Teaching the Bible by Challenging the Mind

Much detail is often missed when we read our Bibles and it is in fact those small details that end up having the biggest impact on what we believe, how we understand our God and how we live our lives according to that understanding.

Under usual circumstances we would sit, listen, pray, get up and leave every Sunday and then 5 minutes later we cannot recall what it was that was spoken of. It is only when our beliefs and understanding is challenged that we tend to remember what was said.

If someone was to come up to you and say “Jesus is the Antichrist” you would remember those words for the rest of your life because it was challenging to your beliefs and understanding, but if that same person said to “Jesus is Christ our Lord” you would agree with him and 15 minutes later those words would be the furthest thing from your mind.

It is with such challenges that the Greatest Teacher of all time taught His disciples. It is also such challenges that make us become better Bible students because it is then that we meditate on The Word. It is such challenges that make us want to go back to our Bibles and look deeper in it (research it).