Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Amazing Group Growth

Today we had another Bible study session at work and I was in for a huge surprise.
We had four new people join us in study and already heard their would be more next week. A request was also made that we no longer meet only once  week, but rather twice a week.
I am amazed at the hunger these people have for the Word of God. I am also amazed at the participation and discussion that developes as a result of the topics brought up.
People were shedding tears of joy for prayers being answered that a Study gathering would take place at the work place.
All praise and honor unto the Lord our God and Father in Heaven.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Amazing Study

The study I had with the work study group was totally amazing!
There was great participation amongst all present and it even left everyone talking long after the study was complete.
There was an awesome display of desire to learn more. They appreciated the clarification they got on how we feed our spirits with the Word of God, making them look at the Bible in a while new light.
I thank our Father in Heaven for using an undeserving me in such a great way.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Interview with a Seeker

God is truly at work...
This morning I simply asked a young lady who works with me to print out the lesson I plan to teach to the work study group today, since I could not print from my own pc at my desk for some reason.
She then agreed to print the file and when I told her it was a lesson I planned to teach, seh asked if she could read it.
She then asked if she could sit in with us during the study session and of course I said it would be great to have her there. We then got into a discussion and she started confiding in me which lead to her admitting that she is lost and she is trying to find her way and she wants me to help her find the path that I am on.
I then said I can only show her the path, but it will be up to her to walk it. She understood this completely and mentioned she is now really looking forward to talking with me tomorrow.
Brothers and sisters I ask that you pray for her and for me too, that I may show and guide her on this path through truth and love.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Not Speaking in Faith

About two weeks ago I went on the usual lunch break / Bible study session at work and found one guy already there. He asked me how I was doing and I told him I had a sore throat, but I'm not letting it get to me.
Then he tells me "No brother, don't speak like that. You're not speaking out of faith (I think what he meant was I'm not speaking in faith). You must believe that you have already been healed."
He then went on to to explain in some way that I was showing a lack of faith.
I then tried explaining to him the the human body is weak and we are still awaiting our glorifed bodies at the coming of Jesus Christ (the resurrection).
I said to him that Paul told Timothy to drink wine for his stomach problem... and how did Paul know about this stomach problem?... Timothy must have made it known to him. So was Timothy then displaying a lack of faith by admitting he had a stomach problem?...
To this question they guy could not answer me, yet he still believes I was not "speaking out of faith".
I just left it at that... I remember a time when I had ALMOST a similar attitude.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Out of writing action - Time to cath up

I have been out of writing action for a very long time and so neglected this blog. but I now plan to catch up and continue where I left off.
So much has happened in this past few months, I don't know where to start writing about. Well I guess I will mention that i unexpectedly found myself without a job about three months ago, but our Father in Heaven who is always watching over us ensured that another door was opened, but I believe that it was all part of His plan.
The very day I started at my new place of employment I came across another brother who is absolutely passionate about the Lord and the Word of God. Immediately we decided to get together during our lunch breaks and encourage each other with Scripture.
Not long thereafter a study group was formed and we now get together every Wednesday at 1pm to have a Bible Study in which everyone participates in asking and answering questions. it so happened that the third floor of the building we work in is totally empty and we were granted permission to us the floor for worship purposes.
After only a few weeks of gathering together, the group is showing signs of growth, in both participants and spiritually.
All thanks to God who made all of this possible.