Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Interview with a Seeker

God is truly at work...
This morning I simply asked a young lady who works with me to print out the lesson I plan to teach to the work study group today, since I could not print from my own pc at my desk for some reason.
She then agreed to print the file and when I told her it was a lesson I planned to teach, seh asked if she could read it.
She then asked if she could sit in with us during the study session and of course I said it would be great to have her there. We then got into a discussion and she started confiding in me which lead to her admitting that she is lost and she is trying to find her way and she wants me to help her find the path that I am on.
I then said I can only show her the path, but it will be up to her to walk it. She understood this completely and mentioned she is now really looking forward to talking with me tomorrow.
Brothers and sisters I ask that you pray for her and for me too, that I may show and guide her on this path through truth and love.

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