Friday, January 28, 2011

Guest Preacher at 3 Day Revival

A local poster in the area I am focusing my personal ministry on has asked me to be a guest preacher at a 3 day revival service which starts today at 7pm.

I was honored that he would ask me to do this and accepted his invitation with gratitude. The theme of the 3 day effort is “Change” and though I will only be preaching tomorrow, Saturday 29 January, he called me up again last night to ask me to do the opening and welcoming speech.

This task was originally to be fulfilled by another pastor who was scheduled to preach at the event tonight, but for some unknown reason he will not be present so I will have to do it.

Now with my lesson already prepared, I now have to prepare a welcoming speech (which I seem to be doing a lot lately). So off I go in further preparation for this event…

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