Thursday, February 3, 2011

Marketing a Witchcraft Website

I have recently started my own Internet Marketing company in Cape Town and yesterday I received an email from some professor guy saying he needs to make use of my services since he was no longer generating website traffic even though he advertises regularly (where and how I do not know).

I then replied asking for a link to his website so I could have a look at it and just give it a surface analysis and once he sent me the link later in the evening I found the guy to be a herbalist who offers (on his website) to “Cast a spell for all your problems & enemies to disappear quickly!”.

Needless to say I declined immediately (within myself), but I still need to send him the email explaining my rejection, which I will do right away.

This was clearly another test to see if I would compromise my faith and beliefs just to gain an extra buck… I am in no way prepared to do so.

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