Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Proposition to become assistant pastor

As I mentioned in a recent post, I was invited to be a guest preacher at a 3 Day Revival service at a church in my local community. Today my wife and I attended a meeting with the pastor of that same church since my wife offered to assist with establishing a youth group.

The pastor then first asked me if I was currently already serving in a church to which I answered “yes” (apparently for the few months that we have come to know each other it never occurred to him that I was already part of and serving regularly at a church).

With this he then mentioned that he was actually hoping he could appoint me as an assistant pastor in the church he serves, which of course I declined, but did offer to still serve in his church from time to time and also assist in the Sunday evening Bible Study Open Discussion teaching.

I also offered to assist my wife with the youth ministry so I guess I will be very active within the church he serves in any event.

It is evident that the teaching and the idea I left them with when I preached there definitely left an impression (by the Hand of our Heaven Father).

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