Friday, September 4, 2009

Get Master's Degree or Feed Family

I was stopped in the supermarket by a guy who works there and he said his friend needed advice.

This friend is married with kids and recently got the opportunity to further his studies to obtain a Master's Degree in Engineering. The course would be fully paid for and would take 4 years to complete, but he must be a full time student giving him no option but to leave his job. This guy is now torn between getting a better job and earning more money (in probarbly 4 years time) and feeding his family.

Now my decision would be to feed my family with what I already have as its my duty as husband and father. But this guy was obviously not thinking that way so this is what I said:

Scripture instructs us not to aim to build our riches on earth, but to keep our eyes on our treasures in heaven. The more you give up on earth the more you will gain in heaven.

He also needs to consider that aiming for more money at the price of feeding his family would put strain on his marraige and it might just end up in divorce and that is one of the things God hates. So he needs to consider the fact that satan might be trying to tempt him with riches, but break up what God has put together in the process.

The guy seemed to be satisfied with this explaination and said he would quote that to his friend.

I prayed to God to give me wisdom and I thank him deeply for answering my prayer.

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