Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Flywheel - Christian Movie

I found myself waking up at 1:20am this morning to find my wife watching a movie that I borrowed from a friend’s mother. It is entitled Flywheel and it demonstrates the wonderful and awesome works of God if you put your complete trust in Him and place your entire life in the hands of the Lord.

My wife then played it from the start so I could watch it with her and the movie had me in tears! I learned a lot from the movie as it contains many inspirational Bible verses.

Well the other significance regarding this movie is that it was a direct answer to a prayer... Before I went to sleep I prayed that the Lord should open my wife’s heart to forgiveness of others as I have been having a hard time trying to explain to her the importance of forgiving certain individuals who have caused much havoc in our lives. I left the problem completely in God’s hands and within a few hours I wake up to find my prayer has been answered...

She tells me that the movie has taught her how important it is to forgive everyone and put her entire trust in the Lord. She added that it was as if something just urged her to watch the movie even though she was already busy watching a different one and it completely changed her heart.

There is no doubt that God was at work with her and he has answered yet another one of my prayers... In fact he has answered ALL my prayers since I have given my life to Him and I mean EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM!

God has been very good to me so I will continue to serve Him and will die for Him if I have to. No one and nothing will come between me and my saviour Jesus Christ. AMEN!

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