Monday, August 31, 2009

My God is Amazing!

Yes He truly is amazing. I have a friend who asked me a few weeks back for spiritual guidance and prayer as she was having a tough time with her fiancé and last week she also asked for prayer for her very ill 4 year old son so I prayed...

This morning I get a message in my mailbox from her saying that her son’s health improved greatly and that she has finally had peace is the new home she and her fiancĂ© bought together recently. They were always arguing about unexpected and small things and this sometimes became physical and now with God’s hand she finally found peace in her home.

As a new born-again Christian I am totally awed at witnessing God’s works. Every prayer I prayed was answered... every prayer and it fills me with great joy and amazement seeing everything I ask for come true.

My Lord is wonderful and no one should ever dare tell me otherwise. I will defend my God to the end!


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