Thursday, August 27, 2009

God Used Me Again

I got a call from my grandmother asking me to go to an aunt who lives close to me, because my gran was trying to call her to confirm that my aunt was on her way to get my gran as she is not allowed to travel on her own due to complications she has after a recent operation.

So before I leave home it seems as if something tells me to take all the money I had on me and leave it at home and I do it. Then again something tells me to take the few coins laying on the counter with me and I think to myself what will I need this for? But I take it anyway...

So I’m walking down this one street and I come across this guy who used to be one of my drinking partners (before I gave my life to the Lord). We greet each other and he then says he can’t seem to find a cheap bread anywhere (which costs R4) and he didn’t have enough to buy the more expensive one (which is about R7.50) and he walks away.

My mind then goes to my pocket and I pull out the coins I took with me. I count them and find a R3.30 and I call him back.

I give him the money and tell him now he only needs 20 cents to get the other bread. He is thankful and as he is about to turn away I am again reminded of another shop that sells the same bread, but for only R7, so I tell him about the place and he is like “yeah, you’re right. I know the place.”

So I then continue on my little journey to my aunt’s place and realise that is was God who told me to take that coins with me even though I would not need it. He knew that there was someone else in need of it to feed his kids and so he used me to get it to him.

My Lord is wonderful and I am forever greatful and honoured that he would use me to do his works.

...Oh and I know that I should do my alms in secret and not let anyone know about them, but what I did is not the focal point here, but the work of God and how he looks after everyone that is the emphasis. So I seek no “good job” or anything like that, but I seek a “Praise the Lord!” for his wonderful works.


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